The Gates of Ashardan

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Session 1 - December 14, 2014
And so it begins!

-Start off guarding a caravan for old woman named Chandra
-See smoke in distance
​-girl on horse (arrow) comes toward, family in danger
-where the heck did the arrow come from? A mystery for another day…
-we go towards the smoke (I can smell your spicy brains)
​-three wagons circled, 6 kobolds climbing
-​miss, fire bolt to wagon
​-slay kobolds (4 me, 2 dave)
-They used knives and slings
-Falinor bravely puts out the flaming wagon with a blanket
-Woman named Missy (her name is in your journal), all wearing embroidered clothes with strange symbols. Girl’s necklace different than others, learn it has to do with “the Lady of the Maze” and that her necklace has been passed down for generations.
-The Maze is a story about a goddess who stores lesser and greater “evils” in a Maze, some of which escape, and the goddess has not been heard from in a long time.
-Falinor goes to bed, Gurdog keeps watch. Hears a faint ripping noise, wakes Falinor to investigate a tear in the family’s tent.
-Gurdog masterfully counts the number of people in the tent, notices one is missing. Falinor sees clawed footprints (2 sets) leading away and then disappear. Deduces that monsters have flown away with the girl who has the cool necklace.
-After checking with the family to make sure it was ok we left the caravan, Gurdog and Falinor began to chase after the 2 winged kobolds creatures
-In the distance, roughly 200 feet away the party can see the two creatures flying away while carrying the girl between them.
-Gurdog throws a spear at one of the creatures and hits it right in the spine, it falls down and a bear begins to eat away at the corpse.
-The girl is too heavy for the other creature to carry it alone so the creature begins to fall slowly to the ground and Gurdog and Falinor saved the girl
-Brought her back to the group and we all travelled to Fasten.
-At the Fasten inn we met a skeletal old man named Skellos. He was not particularly forthcoming with information when questioned, and when Gurdog tried to intimidate he was rebuffed by a giant magically armored man/thing.
-Falinor and Gurdog are alerted to a granary fire across town, but Falinor realizes it is a distraction. Kobolds are storming the gate via an open door and attack the party.
-The party defeats the kobolds and, with combined effort, succeeds in slamming the gate door shut.
-As the townsfolk return from firefighting and see the heroic acts of Falinor and Gurdog they are awed by a beautiful DING sound, which seems to coincide with a serious increase in power of both the adventurers (Level up! Now level 2).


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